How Can You Ship Frozen and Cold Foods?

Frozen food is that which has been subjected to rapid freezing and is kept frozen until the time it is eaten. Understanding the process of shipping frozen food is a critical factor when it comes to your online food delivery business. It is crucial to deliver whatever kind of food you sell to your recipient while it is fresh and safe for consumption. When providing frozen delivery services, the main idea is to keep the frozen foods below 33 degrees F, be it cake, cookie, beef or any other food. You may deliver poorly conditioned food without being careful, which may cost your business, client, and revenue delivery by Richards of Surrey

Before venturing into selling and delivering food, it is vital to know some tips for maintaining your frozen delivery services. Here are some of the information for shipping your frozen food without encountering significant issues that may cost you. 

Packing the Frozen Food 

Before you ship frozen food, you must think of how to pack it first. To help preserve the freshness of the perishable foods, wrap them in foil or plastic wrap. If you’re shipping breakable food, ensure you use sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes and have adequate internal packaging space.  

You need to use an insulating material to minimize heat transfer and extend the time your frozen food stays cold. You can use styrofoam cut sheets, styrofoam box, insulated liners, among other several options. 

It would be best if you then lined your packaging box with sufficient dry ice or gel packs once you’ve achieved the right amount of insulation. This will ensure that the box stays cool during the trip. However, when using dry ice, you should confirm that the container or box has some ventilation. 

Always wrap cookies and other snacks in plastic wrap or wax paper and fill the space inside each package with crinkled newspapers, packing peanuts or any other appropriate packaging material when transporting them. Doing this will maintain its temperature during the shipping process. 

Cost of Delivering Frozen Foods 

There is no fixed price for frozen delivery services. The delivery cost depends on the distance, weight, duration and the type of frozen food you are delivering. You also need to factor in the price of packing gel and dry ice and any other materials used, which would be measured by the weight of your food and the distance that it will cover to get it delivered. 

To find out how to cheaply deliver your frozen food, you should first assess the kind of materials needed to ship it correctly, as well as any extra service fees your courier service provider may charge. 

When it comes to providing frozen delivery services in your online food business, there are several things to keep in mind. In the grand plan of things, though, it’s not that different from delivering a regular parcel. You should not have difficulty shipping frozen food without getting spoiled if you do the proper packaging, keep the food cold, and ensure the delivery is done on time.