Making and Installation in License Plate Art

A license plate refers to a metal plate with a sequence of numbers, letters or both. Used to identify an officially registered car by the government. Are made of aluminum, reprinted and cultured reflective and adhesive sheeting and paint. In license plate art, some steps are always followed in making a licensed plate and includes 

  • Get an aluminum plate, and it should be blank with reflective film and aluminum   
  • Emboss and press the blank aluminum paper using a hydraulic press machine 
  • Using a roller coating machine, paint the licensed aluminum paper with ink, depending on which color is needed. In-country like Kenya, blue ink is used to paint licensed plates for government vehicles and institution vehicles. One can hot stamp the licensed aluminum plate using a hot stamping machine instead of roller coating in license plate. It always depends on the countries whose alternative with roller coating is this method. 

In license plate art, one may require to cut metal license plates are they need to have tin snip, license plate and the marker. Some of the steps to be followed while cutting a metal license plate are 

  • One should determine the type of tin snip used. Use tinsnips with long and straight blades when making straight cut. Use a compound snip when making intricate curves. 
  • Mark the cuts in the metal using a fine felt-tipped marker 
  • To avoid bends created on the license plates, always apply force to the bottom blade of tin snip to pull the top edge down  
  • Finally, to prevent cracks in the metal, avoid a complete snap when closing the jaws of the snip. 

License Plate Installation Procedure 

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew license plates from the car.’  
  • Align the frame with the licensed plate and ensure it in the back of the frame.  
  • Lastly, using a mounting screw, screw the plate and custom frame tightly to the bumper’s hole for license plate installation.  

Some of the best license plate frames 

SunplusTrade 2 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame comes with two frames for the front and back of the car. It also comes with four self-tapping screws, four machine screws, washers and a screwdriver. Made of stainless steel, and neither corrodes or rust. It is easy to install.  

Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame made of high-quality aluminum with powder coated black matte finish. It neither rusts nor corrode with a design that does not block registration numbers. They include a screwdriver, six washers, a user manual, four machine screws, four self-tapping screws, two license plate frames, four spacers and six plastic screw caps. 

Lastly is the Indeed buy 2017 Newest 2pcs 4 Holes Stainless Steel Black License Plate frame, free from rust and corrosion. It is stainless and coated by a thick black powder plate with two plate frames, eight plastic screw caps, eight washers, a screwdriver, eight machine screws and four self-tapping screws click here for plates .