Tips For Choosing A Good Chinese Tutor In Singapore

There are many Chinese tutors offering private tuition in Singapore. Because the list is big, sometimes you are confused on how you can choose the best tutor for your child. This article provides vital tips on how to choose a tuition to give your child a superb tuition experience and further more make them overcome their learning challenges. There are a number of qualities that the best chinese enrichment class tutor should possess.

  • Degree qualified. The tutor should be well learned by attaining at least a first degree in Chinese language. This qualification appropriately prepares the tutor to deliver well in all¬†¬†aspects of language and requirement. Further the tutor should be professionally certified by relevant bodies. Due to unique challenges of teaching a language, it is important to ensure that the person you entrust your child with is well qualified so that you are assured of the child overcoming their Chinese language challenges.
  • Experience should be above years. In terms of experience, the tutor should have at least 4 years teaching experience so that they are prepared of handling different learning challenges. The experience also exposes the tutor to learn the strategies to use when handling learners with various unique language learning needs. Experienced tutors are able to advise parents what they need to do order to support the students in overcoming their language challenges.
  • Should be familiar with Chinese language syllabus requirenemnt. The Chinese tutor must be well conversant with the Ministry of Education Chinese Language syllabus in order to prepare students sufficiently for examination. The tutor should handle all areas required by the syllabus competently and in a professional manner. Tutors unfamiliar with the syllabus requirement might not give the students the right information to enable them pass exams.
  • Patience with learners. The teacher must display patience with learners and answer any questions that the learners ask. They should not behave as if they are tired of students. They should listen to the students keenly and avoid shouting at them. They must be able to identify learner needs and formulate strategies of meeting them
  • The tutor should be bilingual. It is important for the teacher to be bilingual by at least understanding a language like English so that certain concepts are explained using the two languages. This is because there are certain concepts that the learner can understand well when explained in another language. A tutor who only understands and communicates in only one language cannot handle the predominantly English speakers learners well. Besides having a bilingual tutor makes the learning of the language very interesting to the students.
  • Should be creative when handling student challenges. He should use learning aids like audio-visuals and other teaching aids to make the learner understand faster.